fae things


The Cat, the Fox, and the Raven is my WIP novel about the boy, who was claimed by a fae prince during a battle and thus is destined to be owned by him.

They both, bound when the boy was still very young, go to fulfill an ancient prophecy, and stop the awakening fae god.

The world falls into pieces, each piece having a soul, which shatters like broken glass. The prismatic facets look at him with million eyes, the gods scream in an unknown language, the creation bathes in their blue blood. The Cat appears in the dream within a dream, with bloodstained claws and with a face made of stone. The stone crumbles and turns into a marble, marked with blue and red veins and with our lives engraved within the solid structure. The gods’ scream rises into a painful moan and the Cat eats the world, eats whole life, eats his own children, the fae. The essence of life flows through the beating heart of a broken world. And the world rebuilds, slowly, between one eon on nightmare and one eon of wonder. Are we the pests on the face of the earth, is the ground not for us to walk on, is the air not for us to breathe in? The ancients call us and we don’t hear. The young call us but our ears are closed.

“DON’T ALLOW THE CATSEAVA’N TO WAKE UP THIS TIME! The fae will perish as the magic spreads and his hunger is immense!”

Myrhe Ais woke up in his own bedroom, his silky sheets flew from his naked body as he stood up and walked to the window, to open it and breathe heavily, as he couldn’t catch the air into his lungs. He looked both deeply troubled and at the same time carefree, like a human child, who was just scolded for something it knew it shouldn’t do.

It was not the first time he had such dreams. The Laviaa Speakers were telling him he was chosen to receive the prophecy. Why him? He never asked for this honor, especially, if he may die during fulfilling it.

His black eyes looked at the moon, catching the small red spot, which wasn’t there two han’mans ago. The moon is a brother of Catseava’n. If he bleeds, the god of primal creation is really hungry. For souls of his own kind, of his family, his father, the fae brethren.

If Laviaa tell the truth, this human may be important. Though he felt that he may show no courage in the day of the challenge. He owned him since he saved him in the day of the last great battle. But will he be ever suitable? Will his scared and lost heart finds a way?

He will have to shape him. Change him, teach him his own ways, to make him look the Cat into the dark and rotten eye with bravery. Laviaa told him about the vision they had. The ancient legend of a human promised to fae during battle. Why he ever thought that claiming this silly young boy, who shouldn’t even be there, was a good idea?

He will have to make him better, as they always did with primitive and rude humankind, which never learned fastly enough, never felt the world which gave them life. He will teach him in a less pleasant way that this human would like.

He allowed his body to be caressed by the wind. The night at May’matha, the palace of his father. Nature loved him, and he loved the elemental powers, the breeze from the Nam Sea coming with gusts and embracing him. He smiled carelessly, like if no dream happened just a few minutes ago.

Maybe it was not the time to sleep this night. Maybe he should become one with the air and moonlight. Maybe it was one of the last nights before the darkness consumes everything.