fae things


The Cat, the Fox, and the Raven is my WIP novel about the boy, who was claimed by a fae prince during a battle and thus is destined to be owned by him.

They both, bound when the boy was still very young, go to fulfill an ancient prophecy, and stop the awakening fae god.

Book inspirations:

“Lords and Ladies” by Terry Pratchett. This book really captures fairies as they should be. I felt actually inspired to write the novel, after re-reading it. I highly recommend it for reading, it’s amazing, the best book from witches of Lancre sub-series.

“Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell” by Susanna Clarke. The Gentleman with the Thistle-Down Hair is actually Myrhe. I love him and he is my favorite fairy that ever existed. If you like odd folklore, magic, and history, it’s a must-read.

And of course all Irish legends and tales, I read through my life.

Music inspirations:

Celtic Woman. Come on. The most spirited ladies in the whole celtic world, who very often sings about Sidhe. Plus beautiful music.

Mediaeval Baebes. It was their song Liannan Shee, which got me so much into fae. I started to learn about Sidhe and fell over the ears. Their compositions are totally enchanting.

Erutan. She is so geeky yet so delicate and ethereal. Her music is like fae music on the meadow. Like the elves, Sam from LOTR saw in the forest.

Faun. They are maybe more northern lore but there is shee spirit in them, even if they rarely sing about them. I love to write listening to them.

Omnia. Omg. Omnia from before they changed their style into pagan social warriors, is pure faery gem. Just listen to Alive!, Pagan Folk and Crone of War. Pure magic.