fae things


The Cat, the Fox, and the Raven is my WIP novel about the boy, who was claimed by a fae prince during a battle and thus is destined to be owned by him.

They both, bound when the boy was still very young, go to fulfill an ancient prophecy, and stop the awakening fae god.

The crowd was watching as strangers enter the town. Some of them have seen such processions before and were hiding in their houses, before the eyes of the newcomers land of them. But most of the villagers from the town have never encountered the Praetor’s messangers and his army men.

Not that it was a bad thing. Not knowing Praetor or his envoys was a blessing for all whoever had contact or even saw a human using magic.

The procession passed through in complete silence. The guards, armed in pistols and swords, just in case, were marching next to black horse on which a young man was sitting, looking coldly around. His eyes were piercing and dark and his expression seemed to be made of stone. Such people never bring good news. They say that one never should judge by the look but even if the man didn’t look like made of marble, the armored men in a pecaeful town were enough to be allowed to judge. But if that wasn’t enough, his tattooes of the praetorian court were making enyone entitled to just run away. They were marking him as a man with a very high position. Why Praetor sent such important person to this little klan valley?

Tiyan was one of the last who came to see the procession. He has never seen any of Praetor’s people in person and now he was hiding behind a corner, hearing frightened whispers among a couple of villagers before him.

“Noone has summoned him! What is he doing here?”

“It won’t bring anything good. They execute everyone who is suspected of using magic.”

“Even king condemns the Praetor, but can’t do anything, as he has his own army…”

“King can’t do anything without a word given from the fae…and they seem to like having magic removed from our kingdom…”

“But who summoned him…”

“I don’t know…if I catch him, I will talk to his common sense… with words or with fi —“

Tiyan groaned and that made the middle-aged woman and man looked at him with surprise, then, after realising who he was, a deep worry.

HIDE, they seemed to say, or at least their eyes.

Tiyan knew what Praetor’s executor’s visit could mean for him. Even death, imprisonment for sure. If he was lucky, they wouldn’t torture him but what if his particular magic will make the lord of the holy cause consider him touched, just as he thought of himself? Then, he will land on in the Crahon Tower in Nobiara, and nothing will save him from gruesome torment.

“I see you already gloat over your future, Markon” Tiyo suddenly heard a venom-filled voice and when he turned in its direction, he saw his best friend from childhood, Dahras Kull. Dahras also lost two brothers in the great war but in opposition from Tiyan, he never was saved by the unknown being during last battle. He lost a hand and one leg, cut with precision by the sun spear held by fae warrior.

“I hope it wasn’t you who summoned him” Tiyan tried to swallow fear and stand tall in front of a friend who became a bitter enemy.

“No. But I regret I wasn’t as fast. You will see how Praetor punishes magic users. Fae won’t help you and no one will have guts to send a letter to the king. Besides, what the puppet king can do, facing the almighty power of Praetor?”

The man who looked like made of marble was already at the main field, standing near his horse and giving orders to his guards. Tiyan and Dahras were standing too far from him to hear what he says, but they have seen his tightly pressed lips and pale face under intricate tattoo. That human being was equal to fae in cruelty, thought Tiyan, feeling like beaten.

“Run, Tiyo” laughed Kull. “Maybe you find solace in your saviour’s land. Run to fae, traitor.”

Tiyan knew that Dahras is bitter from old and well preserved anger that Tyan survived the last battle without any harm, not even killing any enemy, not staining his hands with blue blood. His father once told him that he was found after the battle in front of their own house, surrounded by a green energy field, that could appear only thanks to magic. He knew that such magic could come only from the hated enemy and now overlords of this land. That alone made all children deserts him and he was left alone, but at least alive and with all parts in place.

Dahras hated him because it was not him who lost arm and leg in that battle, not him who used mechanical prosthetics.

“I won’t give you that satisfaction,” said Tiyan eventually. “I don’t owe fae anything and magic happens everywhere on this land, lately. It’s not my fault nor not only I am cursed.”

“And that’s why Praetor hunts your kind with such crushing effectiveness: because you are all fools” grinned Dahras and with a small creaking of his mechanical leg, he left, leaving Markon looking how praetor’s executor enters the main hall, where the mayor of Vennklan, HIS father, resided.

He will do as he planned yesterday. Run away, run from fae and Praetor. One more reason to leave this town and let everyone stay safe and untouched…